Croydon ICT Closure Due to Lockdown

Assalam alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatu.

Due to Government guidelines and the planned second lockdown that is due to start this Thursday 5th November

Croydon Islamic Community Trust will be closed during the lockdown. The last Salah will be Isha on  Wednesday 4th November. During this period of closure you can still contact:

  • Imam: 07903077765
  • Admin: 07534066231

Alternatively, you can email the Masjid

If there is any change we will be informing you in the coming days. May Allah (swt) keep you all safe and protect you and your families and remove this hardship from us. Ameen.

We would please request our community to continue to help the Masjid to cover our costs in these difficult times with your generous donations. Jazakumallah khair

Online Donation:


Croydon ICT Digital Business card, please click below:

Croydon ICT:
Charity no: 1117911

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