Crisisaid – Ramadan appeal

السلام عليكم و رحمة الله و بركاته

Ramadan – Feed the Fasting

Brothers and sisters Croydon ICT are sponsoring Masjid as Sahaba in GAZA for the whole month of Ramadan ان شاء الله

We aim to unite our ranks and provide 100 iftaar daily for the poor and needy in Gaza. United we have an objective and goal and this will increase our brotherhood and love between us. Divided, our effect will be scattered and less effective.

Gaza has a massive food shortage, and it’s people are oppressed.

We can watch our progress and effect of our sadaqa for the people of Gaza via weekly video footage sent to us by Crisis Aid.

To feed a fasting person daily in Gaza it costs only £2. Please support one fasting person for the whole month of Ramadan, that’s £60, if you cannot then even one person for one day £2 only. May Allah almighty write this down in your books of good deeds.. Ameen

If you have fidya to pay then you can pay it also to this appeal. It is the same price £2 per day and will be used to feed the fasting people.

Donate online here:

Donate via bank transfer:

Account Name: Crisis Aid
Account Number: 43911489
Sort Code: 20-53-33
Reference: FF Croydon ICT

To donate cash:

Please contact the people in charge of the masjid

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