Quran School

Croydon ICT Quran School is focussed on teaching recitation of Quran and Islamic studies for children aged 5 to 16 years in a segregated and supportive environment, consistent with Islamic teachings with our team of qualified and experienced teachers.

Our curriculum is rigorous, and begins with learning to read and memorise the Arabic alphabet through to proficiency in reading and recitation of The Quran. Those students who demonstrate exceptional ability to memorise Quran are also given the opportunity to progress into our Tahfeedh (memorisation) department. We have a strong focus on correct pronunciation, known as Tajweed, ensuring that our children will learn to read the Quran as it should be read InshaAllah.

The Islamic Studies curriculum is delivered along side our Quran studies, supplementing our childrens’ learning with Islamic morals and manners, to ensure that they have an understanding of the principles of Islam and the character of a good Muslim. We focus on the essential concepts that every Muslim should be aware of; knowing Allaah, His Prophet (Peace and Blessings be upon him) and the religion of Islam. Throughout the calender year we cover Aqeedah, Fiqh, Seerah and Aadaab through a series of story-based lessons. Our Islamic Studies provision is also delivered during academic holidays to provide a beneficial learning activity for children during those times.

Our current timetable for classes are for both Boys and Girls are as follows:
Saturday and Sundays: 9am to 11am (Session 1)
Saturday and Sundays: 11am to 1pm (Session 2)
Monday to Thursday: 5pm to 7pm

You can enrol your children at any stage – so if they have already begun to learn elsewhere, they will simply pick up from where they left off.

For more information or to register your child please email us on qsadmin@croydonict.com or call 020 8760 0552. Feel free to also visit our administration team at the Masjid.