Corona Virus Update – 18/03/2020

Asalaamu Alaykum Wa Rahmatullaah Wa Barakatahu.

Dear Brothers and Sisters,
in light of the continued concern about the corona virus. The trustees have decided to implement the following from Thursday 19th March in the interest of the masjid’s community and visitors.

1. The congregational prayers will be combined Dhur and Asr at Dhur time. Magrib and Ishaa at Magrib time
– All sunnah prays should be prayed at home
– Doors will open 5 minutes before the congregational pray times of Fajar, Dhur and Magrib
– The Adhaan will be given straight away, followed by the iqamah for the pray.
– When the salaat ends, all attendees must disperse immediately and the masjid doors will be closed
Nobody is allowed to stay/congregate in the masjid

2. Can all attendees make wudu from home to restrict the use of the toilet and wudu facilities
– This will help reduce the spread of infection

3. The Elderly, sick and young children, and those who have underling health issues; heart conditions, diabetes, etc. Must Not Attend the Masjid for daily prays and the Jummah pray, until further notice.

4. The sisters section will be closed until further notice

5. The Madrassa; will closed after Thursdays session until further notice

6. All Lessons will be live streamed behind closed doors. Some lessons will be cancelled. Notifications about lessons will be posted on social media, our website and WhatsApp

Our Admin and Imam can still be contacted by phone and email:

  • Phone: 020 8760 0552
  • Admin:
  • Imam:

We ask for everyone to cooperate with us by abiding with the above recommendations. We wish to continue opening the masjid as best we can and for as long as we can.
May Allah aid us in this time of uncertainty and make us firm and resolute in his wisdom and decree.

Croydon ICT Trustees

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