Corona Virus advice

Corona Virus: Advice to Masjid Attendees

  1. All elderly (over 60 years of age) or those with chronic health conditions (asthma, diabetes, heart disease) should stay away from the masjid and pray their 5 daily prayers at home. In addition, they should not attend Jummah prayer and pray 4 rakaat Duhur at home. This is for your own safety and welfare.
  2. If you have a symptom of fever and/ or a new cough you should NOT attend the masjid or Jummah prayer. There is a risk you could infect others.
  3. Make wudu at home before coming to the masjid. Wash your hands regularly (20secs minimum) and especially prior to eating or after contact with others.
  4. Avoid shaking hands or close physical contact with others.
  5. After each fard prayer at the masjid please disperse quickly and pray Sunnah prayers at home.
  6. Try and bring your own musalla to the masjid and Jummah – this avoids contact with surfaces.
  7. Jummah prayer will be reviewed weekly and expert advice followed. Currently there is no impact except precaution for the risk groups above.

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