CICT Life of the blessed Companions Series

The companions of the blessed messenger of Allaah are guiding lights and examples of righteousness for all to follow – especially the youth, whose role models are often those with little respect for humanity and upright character. CICT has been promoting the lives of the blessed companions through our monthly seminars which take place on the last Saturday of every month, in order to educate our community of these icons of Islamic history and to instil love for them may Allaah be pleased with them. So far we have covered the lives of two illustrious companions – Uthman ibn Affan and Ali ibn Abi Talib may Allaah be pleased with them both. InshaAllaah we will be covering the life of Umar ibn Al Khattab during our April monthly seminar. Everyone is encouraged to take part in this amazing journey into the lives of the noble companions of our beloved messenger sallaAllaah alaihi wa salam!

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