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Alhamdullillaah CICT has gained a good reputation for calling non-Muslims to Islam, with over 300 Shahadas in three years! However, work does not finish when a person enters Islam – it has only just started. New Muslims are in incredible need of support, teaching and guidance. It is so important to help new Muslims to ensure they stay on their deen. In this regard, CICT has various ways in which we support new Muslims including New Muslim Packs and New Muslim Workshops. However, to improve the provision for New Muslims we are launching a new initiative called ‘CICT BUDDIES’ for people who take their Shahada with CICT.

What is CICT Buddies I hear you asking?!

CICT Buddies is an initiative where we pair up a practising Muslim with a New Muslim revert. The practising Muslim will then be responsible for the needs of the new Muslim, including teaching them to pray, regularly checking up on their welfare, taking them to CICT Buddies dinners (paid by CICT!) and generally being a safe and reliable point of call for the New Muslim.

How do you become a CICT Buddy I here you asking?!

If you are a practising brother or sister you can become a CICT buddy. All you need to do is email Imam Abdul Wahid on expressing your interest. You should state your full name and contact details, how long you have been practising Islam and why you wish to become a CICT Buddy. Once you have expressed your interest by email you will inshaAllaah be contacted by Imam Abdul Wahid or another member of the CICT Management Team and invited for a formal but friendly interview. Sisters will be given the opportunity to have telephone interviews. During the interview your ability to be a CICT Buddy will be assessed. If we feel you are not quite there – DON’T WORRY! – We have CICT Buddy Training days planned, where you will be given the opportunity to train to become a CICT Buddy. Once you have been accepted to become a CICT Buddy we will pair you up with a New Muslim as soon as one becomes available!!!!

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