6 Day Tajweed Course with Ijaazah for Sister‏s

6 Day Tajweed Course with Ijaazah for Sisters at Croydon ICTCroydon ICT presents our sisters with an opportunity to learn Tajweed with a qualified teacher from Saudi Arabia, and to gain a certificate with Ijaazah upon completion, free of charge! A great way to learn correct recitation of the Glorious Qur’an, just before Ramadhan, the month of the Qur’an! See all the details below…

Tajweed (or Tajwīd – Arabic: تجويد‎ taǧwīd) is an Arabic word for elocution, (meaning to improve, to make better, to embellish) meaning proper pronunciation during recitation, as well as Qur’an recitation at a moderate speed. It is a set of Tajweed rules which govern how the Qur’an should be read. It is derived from the triliteral root ǧ-w-d, meaning to make well, make better, or improve.

The word Ijaazah literally means permission. An Ijaazah certificate indicates that one has been authorized by a higher authority to transmit a certain subject or text of Islamic knowledge.

Make a change, come and learn correct recitation of Qur’an before the blessed month of Ramadhan, with a qualified teacher from Saudi Arabia.

Free of Charge: 6 Day Tajweed Course with Ijaazah

  • Dates: Tuesday 25th June to Sunday 30th June
  • Times: 10.30am – 12.30pm
  • Venue: Croydon ICT, 89 London Road, CR0 2RF
  • Registration: please email admin@croydonict.com – stating your name and telephone number. A sister will then contact you in due course.
  • Pre-requisite: Students must be able to read the Arabic script as a minimum. Also, we must have a minimum of 7 students registered for this course to be delivered – otherwise we may have to cancel it.

This course is intensive and is designed for students who are able to read Arabic whilst learning the correct Makhraj in detail. Students will start to add beauty to their recitation by learning certain fundamental rules of Tajweed; especially the nasal sounds. Many rules and techniques will be taught on this course, including:

  • Noon as Saakinah/Tanween
  • Meem as Saakinah
  • Laam as Saakinah and Qalqalah
  • Al Mudood
  • Hamzatul Wasl
  • Rules of Raa’
  • Rules pertaining to stopping
  • Exceptional rules

Our aim in this course is to help students improve their recitation of the Qur’an and recite fluently with the rules learnt in class.

2 thoughts on “6 Day Tajweed Course with Ijaazah for Sister‏s

    • WalaikumAsalaam Wa Rahmatullah Sister,
      This course was taught by a visiting teacher from Saudi Arabia sister, and was an intensive face-to-face session. InshaAllah you can benefit from similar sessions in the future, which we are planning to run. JazakAllahukhairun.

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